Dr Alemtsehay G. Seyoum

Researcher - Theme 8
University of Sheffield



Dr. Alemtsehay G. Seyoum is Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Sewer and Water Supply System Performance in the University of Sheffield at Department of Civil and Structural Engineering. Alemtsehay has expertise in modelling and multi-objective optimisation of water distribution systems using pressure dependent modelling approach. Her contribution to water distribution research includes developing a novel pressure dependent analysis model that takes proper account of the relationship between the available pressure at the point of demand and the actual flow delivered. Specifically, her contribution involved developing a new, more efficient and robust implementation of the line search and backtracking procedure. She has also contributed to water distribution research on developing a novel dynamic pressure-dependent multiple-species model for simulating the fate of multiple reactive substances under various network pressure conditions. Alemtsehay has been working in water industry for about 15 years in various aspects of water and sewer systems with progressively increasing seniority in different sectors.


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