Lewis is a civil engineer with a keen interest in research that concerns all forms of buried infrastructure systems and underground space technology. Recent projects related to Pipebots include: Urban Futures (EP/F007426/1) where Lewis worked on the development of a decision support system underpinned by future scenarios, for sustainable and resilience evaluation of urban underground space physical infrastructure; i-BUILD (EP/K012398/1) where Lewis worked on case study investigations with several industrial partners, looking into resilient buried infrastructure systems and the ecosystem services they provide, through identifying and quantifying the true costs (direct, indirect and social) and potential opportunities that may arise because of infrastructure interdependencies from utility strikes; Liveable Cities (EP/J017698/1) where Lewis focused on modelling performance scenarios for rainwater harvesting systems; and Assessing the Underworld (EP/K021699/1) where Lewis was a senior coordinating research fellow and industrial liaison, working on impact delivery, work stream integration, street works decision support system and trenchless technologies. His role in Pipebots is to develop bespoke sustainability assessment frameworks for pervasive sensing, at the same time establishing their potential implications () for the water industry. He will also work on the development of the challenge specification informed by Pipebots industrial partners and industry data collection/ user engagement; all leading to determining where the opportunities lie to make the water system smart(er) (i.e. able to deliver multiple benefits).

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