Dr. Nabil Shaukat

Research Associate
University of Leeds



Dr. Nabil Shaukat is currently working at the REAL Robotics Lab, University of Leeds, where he is actively engaged in research pertaining to the field of Pipebots technology, specifically theme 3. Holding a doctorate degree from University of Malaga, Spain, his thesis titled “Multi-sensor Fusion for Underwater Robotics” showcases his expertise in the integration of multiple sensors for enhancing the capabilities of robotic systems. Nabil achieved a distinction, cum laude, in his doctorate studies, reflecting his exceptional academic performance.

His research interests primarily revolve around ground robotics, aerial robotics, and underwater robotics. Moreover, he possesses valuable industrial experience, further augmenting his knowledge and skills in the field. In his current involvement with the Pipebots project, Nabil assumes the responsibility of designing, developing, and testing robots and their components within laboratory and field settings, ensuring their functionality and performance are evaluated under various conditions.