Professor Simon Tait

Professor of Water Engineering
The University of Sheffield

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Simon Tait (leads Theme 8, is Professor of Water Engineering at the University of Sheffield. His technical experience is developing and applying improved measurement technologies and management methodologies to ensure better performance of urban water drainage systems and so allow them to cope better with pressures caused by physical deterioration, climate change, stricter environmental regulations and changing patterns of use. He led the H2020 project CENTAUR, which developed low cost real time control technology to reduce local flood risk and currently leads UKCRIC’s National Distributed Water Infrastructure Facility (NDWIF) at Sheffield (EP/R010420) and Theme 2 (Energy Recovery) on EP/N010124 project. He sits on the management board of EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Water Infrastructure and Resilience. He has previous experience in developing and commercialising technology in the water sector. He is past Editor of the Institution of Civil Engineers Water Management journal and is the academic representative on CIWEM’s Urban Drainage Working Group.

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