Dr Will Shepherd

Research Associate (Theme 8)
University of Sheffield

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Will is a researcher in Theme 8 on the Pipebots project. He is a civil engineer with over 20 years research experience including monitoring and modelling urban drainage systems; laboratory studies of both urban drainage and water distribution assets; and asset performance modelling. Recent projects include: CENTAUR where Will helped to develop and test an artificial intelligence controlled system to reduce flood risk from urban drainage networks; QUICS where Will was the project manager; and Cloud to Coast where Will developed techniques to model the contribution of urban drainage networks to the faecal indicator organism concentrations in river catchments. His role in Pipebots is to develop the challenge specification alongside the key stakeholders from the water industry; to test the developed robots and components in laboratory and field environments; and to help develop methodologies to transform the data from robotic inspection into actionable information.

Related Publications

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