Dr Yicheng Yu

Research Associate (Theme 2)
University of Sheffield



I am a research associate in the acoustic sensing at University of Sheffield. My expertise is in vibro-acoustics and acoustic sensing. As part of Theme 2, I work on development of new acoustic (sonic) technologies for robotic sensing of buried pipes. In addition, I will also explore through simulation and experiments how the adverse effects of measurement uncertainties can be minimized through various advanced imaging/signal processing approaches.

Related publications:

  1. Yu, Y., and C. Hopkins. “Experimental determination of forces applied by liquid water drops at high drop velocities impacting a glass plate with and without a shallow water layer using wavelet deconvolution.” Experiments in Fluids 59 (2018): 1-23.
  2. Yu, Y., Sun, H., Cao, Y., An, F., and Yang, J. (2015). Experimental validation of virtual absorbed energy of piezoelectric patch actuators in decentralized velocity feedback control of a plate. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 341, 1-15.