Pipebots Case Studies

Posted on Monday, March 2nd, 2020

The Pipebots team has started work on four case studies, which stem from the challenge specifications reported in the previous newsletter.  The case studies are developing a set of more detailed requirements for the Pipebots to meet in the Asset Mapping, Blockage, Leakage and Condition Assessment challenges.  These requirements are split into three categories: Essential – if this is not met the Pipebot would not be viable; Desirable – this would increase the impact and cost-benefit ratio of the Pipebot; Wish List – these would be nice to have, but probably aren’t feasible at present.

Each of the four case studies has a team of researchers who will initially determine the required specifications to meet the requirements, feed these specifications into the design of components and then into integrated robot prototypes as the project progresses.  We are currently setting up a small industrial advisory panel for each of the case studies, it is expected these would meet with the case study team up to twice per year to provide feedback on progress and ensure the Pipebots meet the needs of the water industry.