New project: Pipebots for Rising Mains – research and feasibility study

Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Pipebots (University of Sheffield) has been awarded £45K as part of a research and feasibility study, funded by the OFWAT innovation fund. The project, ‘Pipebots for Rising Mains’, led by Thames Water brings together 3 water companies (Thames Water, Wessex Water and Welsh Water), The University of Sheffield and industry partners Synthotech. The project will run for 10 months as a research and feasibility study which aims to accelerate development of rising mains in-pipe condition assessment and proactive rehabilitation technologies to meet water industry needs and stimulate other supplier products to the market. The Pipebots team will undertake in-situ, external tests on live cast and ductile iron pipework using accelerometers, ultrasonic probes and electromagnetic (EM) induction sensors and will work with industry partners Synthotech to mount suitable sensors on a tethered ‘in-pipe’ crawler unit.