Report on Pipebots Water Industry Challenges Workshop now available

Posted on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

Back in July 2019, the Pipebots team hosted a group of 23 Stakeholders at Sheffield’s ICAIR facility to identify water industry challenges in buried pipe networks.  As well as identifying the challenges, the stakeholders were asked to consider the impacts of these challenges on the public, the water utilities and the environment over three future time horizons with different scenarios.  Following presentations on the current state of the art and challenges for the Pipebots team, stakeholders were asked to plan delivery routes and timescales for the top 6 challenges.  The industry challenges identified at this workshop have been combined with the technological challenges to develop Challenge Specifications which the Pipebots team will use to guide their research.  The following reports, produced as a result of this workshop are available to download:

Pipebots Water Industry Challenges Workshop Summary (2 page summary of the full report)

Report on Pipebots Water Industry Challenges Workshop

Challenges Plans Pipebots Themes